Dairyland Cuisine, Clonmore Business Park, Killeshin, Co. Carlow. Tel: (059) 9143023
Bakers Yeast 1 Kg
Semi Sundried Tomatoes 1Kg
5Kg Fruit Salad Segments
Tuna in brine 1.9kg x 6
5Kg Orange Segments
Batchelors Beans – (2.6kg x 6)
5Kg Grapefruit Segments
Batchelors Beans – 420g x 24
5Kg Pineapple Chunks
Hellmann’s Mayonnaise 10 Ltr
5Kg Melon Chunks
Hellmann’s Real Mayonnaise 5 Ltr
5Kg Melon Balls
Hellmanns Real Mayonnaise 2 Ltr
Hartleys Breakfast Marmalade 100 x 20g
Hellmanns Heavy Mayonnaise 10 Ltr
Mini Glass Breakfast Marmalade –
(48 x 28grm)
Hellmanns Light Mayo 10 Ltr
Mini Glass Honey – (40 x 28grm)
Hellmann’s Garlic Mayonnaise 5 Ltr
Smoothie 250ml
5 Ltr Tomato Ketchup
Smoothie 2Ltr
4.5 Kg Tomato Ketchup
500ml still water x 24
1 Kg Ketchup
Dairyland have a certificate with the NSAI (National Standards
Authority of Ireland) for the food hygiene standard I.S. 341:2007.

Cert No. 341.0001